The places I go, they know I stalk clothes

Canada Goose Outlet She The Backbone Of The UConn Women Basketball Program Canada Goose Outlet Canada Goose sale Chris Dailey is a stalker. «It’s competition to me,» the UConn associate head coach says. «I see something I like, watch canada goose discount uk it, watch it and get it on sale. The places I go, they know I stalk clothes.» Canada Goose sale

Nordstrom’s, Kimberly’s Boutique in West Hartford, Tuesday’s in downtown Hartford those are the stores of Dailey’s choice in the area.

Canada Goose Jackets «When I was in high school, I didn’t like shopping,» she says. «I thought I was missing that gene. I would just take canada goose shop uk whatever my sister got me or didn’t want. When you start to make money you can start to make choices. I’ve grown into it. I like looking at magazines. I like shopping. I’m a stalker. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose «That way if canada goose outlet store toronto I’m having a bad day and want to buy something to make me feel better, I won’t waste my money. I already got it lined up.» cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale While it might be fun to think about Dailey going to Manhattan canada goose outlet store uk and splashing her salary of nearly a quarter million dollars on upscale fashion boutiques on Fifth Avenue, it turns out even the vices of our state’s best coiffed and most fashionable stalker are well plotted. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Online «I do love Blizzards at Dairy Queen,» Dailey says with a conspiratorial tone. Canada Goose Online

canadian goose jacket Stop the presses. canada goose outlet in vancouver Long, rail thin, the czarina of careful eating and Diet Cokes wolfs the Blizzard? canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk «It’s embarrassing, I know,» she says. canada goose outlet factory «When I drive canada goose outlet uk to the DQ drive through in Manchester, the lady already knows exactly how I like it. I go to Panera Bread every morning and I get iced tea. I keep saying to them, ‘Someday, I’m really going to screw you up and order something different.’ But it never happens. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk black friday «Same thing at canada goose outlet store calgary my health club, I have to work out at the canada goose clothing uk same machine. Everyone knows it. They even tell new people. I guess I’m a creature of habit.» canada goose uk black friday

Guess? In our Land of Steady Habits, Chris Dailey is the steadiest and most habitual. And guess what? Maybe that’s what it takes to be with Geno Auriemma for 27 years. Maybe that’s precisely what it takes to win seven national titles.

«They are such a fascinating combination of strengths and weaknesses,» says Meghan Pattyson Culmo, who played for and coached with both and now broadcasts games with CPTV. «Stuff she is great at, he has no interest in doing. That’s why they are so successful and so happy. They maximize what they’re good at it.»

And now they travel together to Denver for their 13th Final Four.

«Chris has such a presence in our program that I would venture to say it’s probably more significant and more impactful than a majority of head coaches have on their own program,» Auriemma says. «We would not be canada goose sale uk where we are, and I would not be where I am without what Chris has done for me and our program.»

Canada Goose online For 27 seasons, Dailey, 52, has played the foil to the great comedian. Geno plays it spontaneous. Dailey plays it straight. Anything goes canada goose jacket outlet uk with Geno, nothing escapes CD. Players do not wear nail polish on the court, tattoos are covered, et al. Sensing where this is headed, Dailey, the Rutgers team captain for the 1982 AIAW champions, interjects: Canada Goose online

«I was not a canada goose outlet buffalo nun in my former life.»

buy canada goose jacket cheap Pattyson Culmo does wonder. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose «She was so strict,» she says. «The joke was she was Sister Chris. There was also a lot of laughter. She always had the sense of humor where we could bust on her. But I’ve got to get this out: We had this sideline sprint canada goose outlet black friday at practice. It was death. We hated it. As soon as [Auriemma] called for it, you wanted to throw up. Chris would just kneel there and yell, ‘Circles!’ She demanded you touch the line with your toe and pivot. Don’t circle. canada goose womens outlet To this day when I hear the word ‘circle,’ my first reaction is, ‘God, no!»‘ uk canada goose

canada goose uk outlet Fastidious. Persnickety. Particular. Dailey does not deny any of this. She also makes a compelling point. canada goose uk outlet

canada goose store «While I may be the enforcer, because I am very good at nagging, Geno and canada goose outlet toronto factory I were in total agreement when we started here there was a certain way we wanted our team to act and look,» Dailey says. «It all translates into how we play. It is all connected. It’s about discipline, doing the right thing, about being a good teammate. All the things to be successful.» canada goose store

Actually, pig tailed guard Kim Mulkey, now coach of No. canada goose outlet las vegas 1 Baylor, was part of her inspiration. For the national anthem, UConn players walk onto the court in order of height and they cut the corner in crisply.

«When I was at Rutgers we played Louisiana Tech,» Dailey says. «Kim was canada goose outlet near me on the team. Leon Barmore and Sonja Hogg were co coaches. Sonja was a character. She set a standard for the way her team looked and canada goose outlet new york city acted. I remember La. Tech walking in, they already were really good, and it canada goose outlet miami just added to their mystique.»

canada goose clearance sale When Dailey gets a chance, she plans to tell Hogg, who canada goose outlet eu later coached at Baylor, canada goose outlet mall about that impact. canada goose clearance sale

«We are preparing our players canada goose outlet real for a competitive canada goose parka outlet uk world,» Dailey says. «Kids think being different is wearing one sock up, one sock down and purple hair. We try to tell them you draw attention to yourself by working hard and working well with people. Dress for the job you want. Look people in the eye. Be able to have a conversation. Geno and I totally agree, although I don’t think he cares about the stockings and nail polish.»

canada goose coats on sale Ah, yes, the nail polish. Dailey knows manicures. It’s her belief that when you are on the court, look like a player, play like one. When you are off the court, look like a young woman and act like a young lady. She is unrepentant on this point. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose outlet So no jeans at team functions.

«When we go to dinner together, no way,» Dailey says. «We’re trying to teach them appropriateness. For Denver, they can pack jeans for their free time.»

When pressed to give the rule she is most proud of, her answer has nothing to do with canada goose outlet uk sale what’s verboten.

canada goose factory sale «The women’s athletic director at canada goose outlet website legit North Carolina, canada goose factory outlet vancouver when we went down there, said, ‘Chris, I’ve been doing this for 20 something years and greeted every team. Yours is the first one where every one of the students acknowledged me.’ I was so proud.» canada goose factory sale.