«The buses aren’t effective anymore?» he asked

university of kashmir appoints prof farooq ahmad mir controller of examinations

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replica handbags china Wilkins pointed out that the archdiocese had acknowledged its ads were designed in part to promote religion, not just charitable giving.In an exchange with the archdiocese’s attorney, Paul Clement, another former solicitor general, Wilkins suggested that Metro’s policy barring religion as a topic, just like politics, did not necessarily discriminate against a religious viewpoint.Clement disagreed, saying Metro had singled out religion for «disfavored treatment.» He called the policy «rotten to its core.»For decades, the transit system allowed a range of replica bags buy online messages, including political satire and criticism of the Catholic Church. But in 2015, prompted by security concerns over anti Muslim themed ads, Metro banned issue oriented messages as well as any related to religion or politics.The decision limited ads to commercial products and services, which bring in more than $20 million for the regional transit system that relies high quality designer replica on funding from the District, Maryland, Virginia and the federal government.Verrilli, representing Metro, acknowledged the ads from the archdiocese were «benign.» But accepting those ads, he high quality replica bags said, would force the transit system to accept other campaigns criticizing Islam, Judaism and Catholic bishops that could cause «tension best replica designer and divisiveness» for buy replica bags online riders and employees and interfere with Metro’s ability to run the transit system.Kavanaugh sounded skeptical, asking what would happen luxury replica bags if Metro were forced to run a religious ad.»The buses aren’t effective anymore?» he asked.Related: [Is Metro waging war on Christmas? Archdiocese sues to post biblical themed bus ads]In court filings, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sided with the archdiocese. Metro’s policy banning ads that «promote replica handbags china.