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Veronica Beard’s undone undulations at yesterday’s show introduced us to a modernized twist on the classic S-shaped wave. Although the look was inspired by «a classic ’70s glam rock YSL girl,» as told by mane master Janelle Chaplin, the ‘do brought to our minds visions of a different kind of Veronica—that with the «Lake» surname—frolicking on a beach with carefree coils. Inspired by the style, we show you here how to achieve the face-framing crests on your own using Chaplin’s original tips.

We began with air-dried hair, but if you want to pump up the volume in your style, try flipping wet hair upside down and fully blow-drying it. To start replica designer handbags dwingeloo-centraal , spritz on O & M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray from roots the ends «to puff out the strands and give them the foundation the style needs,» Chaplin says.

First, draw a deep side part at the arch of your eyebrow, then curl your entire head using a two-inch curling iron. For S-shaped waves, grab long sections of hair that run parallel to your part and curl the hair inward instead of flipping outward. «Take a section of hair that runs the length of the part, split it into two sections, and curl each section to create big blankets of waves,» explained Chaplin. She also instructed holding the curling iron horizontally instead of vertically to achieve more of a ridged curve as opposed to a corkscrew curlicue.

Brush out the front curtain of hair to meld the curls together, then pin the wave with duck bill clips to set the «S» shape. Be sure to place the clips where the whorls begin to naturally bend backwards. Let the shape sit for about 20 minutes while you apply your makeup, or if you’re in a rush, blast the front section with a few cold shots on your blow dryer using a low power setting to freeze the silhouette in place.

Once the style has completely cooled, brush out all the swirls to soften the look.

Finally, apply a finishing cream like Kérastase Nutritive Touche Perfection throughout tresses to polish the look. «This especially helps to shellack down the section of hair behind the ear,» Chaplin discloses. Seal the style with a hearty misting of hairspray. If you’re looking for added texture and hold, Chaplin recommended O & M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray.

Pull all the hair over to one side for added drama. We’re coming for you, bikini-clad Lake.

Long Finger Waves at Home — How to Get Deconstructed S-Waves from Veronica Beard's Fall 2014 Runway

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