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Barkerville is a short drive from Wells, and is much bigger in real life than you guess from photos. So big, in fact, that they recommend you stay for two or three days so you can take it all in. And the beautiful Bowron Lakes are only 30 km away there is no shortage of stuff to do..

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cheap moncler jackets I really feel sorry for this family. We are in the same crisis. As my husband and I watched your show and listened to the interview with Senator Deeds, it was like listening to our own life. «Currently in British Columbia there are less than 50 publicly funded treatment beds for young people under the age of 24,» Paley said. «In the Okanagan, there are no beds available for kids under the age of 17, which is terrifying. We’ve actually had kids come through our youth detoxas young as 13 but we don’t have anywhere to send them to get the long term treatment that they need.». cheap moncler jackets

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