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moncler outlet Cher reveals she and Stephen Hawking enjoyed an ‘unforgettable’ lunch date where they argued about time travel and spaceWho knew they were friends?As a cheap moncler jackets celebrated theoretical physicist widely regarded as one of the most intelligent people the world has ever known, Stephen Hawking impacted a lot of lives in his 76 years.And following news the Professor had passed away on Tuesday night, many public moncler coats figures took to social media to pay tribute and share their memories.And pop moncler jackets on sale icon Cher became an unlikely addition to the list of famous faces as she left fans baffled with her unusual tale of a meeting with Hawking in which they argued about time travel, space and history.Revealing the pair had once shared a lunch together that she’d ‘never forget’, Cher reached out to the late scientist.»Dear Stephen, Will remember our luncheon forever,» she began.Professor Stephen Hawking dead at 76: Celebrated British theoretical physicist dies peacefully at homeOther celebrities sending their condolences included British actor Eddie Redmayne, who played the professor in the biopic of his life, The Theory of Everything.Redmayne told USA Today: «We have lost a truly beautiful mind, an astonishing scientist and the funniest man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.»My love and thoughts are with his extraordinary family.»Eddie Redmayne and The Big Bang Theory cast pay heartfelt tributes to Professor Stephen Hawking after his deathAfter moncler coats for men the BAFTAs in 2015, Redmayne skipped glitzy after parties to spend time with Professor Hawking and his family.As well as appearing in The Simpsons, Hawking has also had a guest role in US sitcom The Big Bang Theory about a group of physicists and engineers working at a moncler outlet kids university in California numerous times.The official Twitter account for Discount Moncler Coats the show posted a loving tribute on behalf of the whole cast and crew, saying: «In loving memory of Stephen Hawking.»It was an honor moncler jacket online (sic) to have him on TheBigBangTheory. Thank you for inspiring us and the world.»Cast member Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, posted the same picture on her Official Moncler Outlet Instagram account and moncler jackets men wrote: «It was truly such an honor getting to work with the incredible Stephen Hawking.»He made us laugh and we made him laugh.»Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone.»British astrophysicist and television presenter Brian Cox wrote on Twitter: «Sad to hear moncler outlet mall about Stephen Hawking. What a remarkable life.»His contributions to science will be used as long as there are scientists, and there are many more scientists moncler chicago because of him.. moncler outlet

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