In Fulgrim and Lorgar case I say that the sort of thing that

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Canada Goose online Without it being in canada goose jacket outlet sale a larger context it hard to see a distinction but it wouldn canada goose jacket outlet be hard to imagine this situation (or the standard boarding scenario) being such that they know coming off the canada goose outlet online uk ramp they canada goose outlet online really aren going to have reliable cover so they are maximizing their speed, accuracy, and armor advantage to take the beachhead. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket So it is a little goose outlet canada bit of rationalizing but I can canada goose discount uk see it actually being doctrine. If you are setting doctrine for your sci fi super soldiers and you know they are going to do this 1000 times with no real way to plan for consistent cover it canada goose outlet england might make sense to train to come out with maximum firepower, trust your armor, canada goose outlet toronto factory and above all move forward to the far side of the breech. canadian goose jacket

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If you decided to get into a long term commitment with a girl and there was emotional shit invested would you go tounch with her? Would you be doing it wrong if ot was a great lunch with someone you cared about? Would it ne a fail if despite being a great lunch and cool part of canada goose parka uk your life it the lunch with your girlfriend didnt blow the lid off your life, canada goose uk redefine love for you, and make you generally act like a fucking moron?

canada goose coats on sale This is some blue pill fantasy residue. The fucking point of a pair bond is to share shit that is common to your experience with someone that makes you happy doing it, not to be emotional heroin. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka Basically you asking if pussy isnt a big deal what WOULD make a woman a big deal? To which I say thats the point. Answer that for yourself. Maybe you find that, maybe you dont. Maybe the answer is nothing would for you. 9 points submitted 9 days ago Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets I mean considering how paranoid, independent, and separate from the Imperium some chapters are, I can imagine them accepting willingly. Why trust that they aren some sort of spies sent to expose your Chapter dark secrets or an attempt to ruin your gene seed with foreign influence? Canada Goose Jackets

Chapters only know that they HAVE to have them, they hung out with the Ultramarines for a while, and refusing them means certain destruction. Doesn that seem suspicious?

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Canada Goose Outlet Chronoception is a sense like all others. At a certain point your senses and hallucinations are really the same. I imagine in the warp minds sensing can impose these sorts of orders onto the warp. But I do canada goose kensington parka uk think it matters what is there, in other words you can imagine whatever you want existing the warp (here be daemons). Canada Goose Outlet

So really a piece of Khorne was so worked up with self loathing that it attacked Khorne. This in turn angered Khorne who distilled the rage in that part of himself, gave it a symboic canada goose outlet toronto location gestation period, followed by rebirth into one of the purest aspects of his power.

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canada goose deals Well yeah, particularly in canada goose outlet toronto address the case of daemon myths a lot is allegory canada goose outlet store near me or canada goose vest outlet metaphor, and «8 days» doesnt have to refer to a specific interval. It doesnt even specify 8 of what planets days. So really they are saying an extended period for dramatic effect. But in the common experience of the warp there is a fucky, bizzare, and maleable «time» of sorts. Things happen in a rough order. That my point. Thats more canada goose outlet kokemuksia chaotic and worse than being outside of time. Was I in there for 1000 years? Did I hallucinate that? Did it feel like 20 min and 5 years passed outside? Did I go backwards in time or is this a weird vision of a false past? That canada goose outlet mississauga kind of thing. canada goose deals

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canada goose coats An open secret for some. In Fulgrim and Lorgar case I say that the sort of thing that was whispered to them through the warp, from Lorgar sorcerous canada goose outlet niagara falls development and Fuglrim daemonic ascension. canada goose coats

Probably Horus too. In Warmaster he talks about Alpharius foolishly placing a dagger at his canada goose outlet own back, seeming to show greater insight into the Alpha Legion split than Alpharius canada goose outlet canada himself. He could have got this through the same warp whispers but then as Warmaster he have more access to all the imperium secrets than almost anyone else.

canada goose clearance sale You canada goose outlet los angeles right though, Horus does seem to give Alpharius a helluva lot of leeway, to the point that even during the canada goose outlet store uk great crusade there were murmurs on Terra questioning Horus ability to control him. There was also that thing after the battle canada goose outlet eu of Paramar when he demanded the Alpha Legion account for their actions and Alpharius just sassed him with that quote «The Devil is not Mocked». canada goose clearance sale

canada goose My suspicion is that as much as he dumps on Alpharius privately, Horus sees that any attempt to bring them to heel as with Perturabo at Tallarn and then Fulgrim and Angron in Slaves to Darkness would be unlikely to succeed and actively counterproductive to the loose, disruptive (and occasionally self destructive) way the Alpha Legion work. 31 points canada goose sale uk submitted 12 days ago canada goose

GW has downplayed the idea of «Chaos Undivided» these days. Been happening for awhile now, but notably they straightup removed the option to have Undivided Daemon Princes in either 6th or 7th edition. Meaning that Daemon Princes in the setting had to ascend by dedicating themselves to one God rather than the Pantheon as a whole.

cheap Canada Goose This made sense since they wanted to emphasize the fact canada goose outlet winnipeg address that their Big Bad canada goose outlet store quebec Abaddon had the sight of all four on his back; making it an actual big deal instead of merely a stated one (or making cases like Belekor stand out more). But it brought up some issues with Lorgar and Pert. Since those «unaligned» Legions and their Primarchs didn dedicate themselves to one God, it begs the question of how they became Daemon Princes in the first place. Since GW doesn want to return, or as OP put it rollback, Chaos Undivided there has to be another way they ascended. cheap Canada Goose

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I think you could make the case that a primarch is a rare enough treasure that it might seem like a good deal to the chaos gods. Even if you dont have direct control is perty sticking it to the man enough canada goose outlet las vegas to canada goose outlet woodbury justify 1/4 the investment of a full on demon prince? Probably. Even if he does nothing but pout and tear up the landscape you took one of Big E pieces off the board at bargain prices.