I say «ok, what are our options, what is the next step?» She

Just Learned I May Soon be a Father and I need Help

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canada goose clearance Fast forward to canada goose jacket outlet uk June, 9th. Im working a midnight canada goose outlet in canada shift at work, and so is S. She comes to me asks if I want to go out for a smoke. I join her and she starts talking about that night, then she drops the bomb. «C(me), Im pregnant». I instantly get sick to my stomach. Im stunned, I dont really freak out I have canada goose outlet toronto location no issues processing what I just heard. She tells me its not 100 mine because she had slept with 2 other guys around the same time canada goose outlet online uk as me. I say «ok, what are our options, what is the next step?» She assumes I mean abortion and starts in with «Well Im keeping it! why would you suggest such a thing?» When I totally didn suggest at all, which hopefully gives you and idea of how things will go from here. Throughout the whole ordeal ive been co operative with her, trying to figure out when we can do the paternity test. on the June, 22nd she had canada goose outlet hong kong her first dr visit. He told her she was 6 weeks and 4 days on that day. I started doing the math and at first it didn add up to me, there was almost 2 weeks time between when we were together and the date the dr was telling her. In my excitement I forgot about the whole 2 week period with conception. Pretty much take away 2 weeks because they tell you how far along you are based off of your last period. I told her congratulations but there was no way it was mine and I stopped talking to her. For the next 2 days she canada goose outlet washington dc sent me message after message calling me a piece of shit and dead beat and anything else you can https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com imagine. She sent me a message one day and told me that the dr. told her she most likely conceived on the 21st of May. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka Now I not sure how accuartely they can narrow down the exact day, but I do know that there is usually a 1 5 day window of when the conception is possible. The 21st is a very conveinient day obviously, because it puts me within a day and a half of when all this went down. I know she is just trying to get in my head with her statements, well it worked. I went back and re did the math, took off the 2 weeks and sure enough that puts the 21st as the possible day. Once again I devestated, I thought I was free and clear but I may not be. She won let me attend any appointments with her so I can not ask my own questions canada goose outlet location and hear from the doctor this information, so I have to hear it from her, and there is a good chance its all skewed to make me look like the father. Keep in mind there are 2 other guys who are possibly the father, and I have no clue if she is speaking to them the way she is me. After doing the math the second time I told canada goose kensington parka uk her I want to do a pateranity test asap, which would be next week. Apparantley the 8 week test cost $1700 which I am more than willing to split the bill on, but she refuses to do so. She says we are going to wait until full term because she doesn want to spend the money for this test, and she canada goose outlet website legit says they are not 100 accurate. Ever since I admitted that, yes there is a chance it could be mine, she has treated me like shit. She will not let me attend appointments, she will not agree to the testing, she is extremely rude to me in every message or interaction. She is making this feel like it is my fault when the only fault I had was trusting someone enough to let me sleep on their god damn couch! Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Hell are these other guys receiving this kind of treatment? are they even aware of what is going on at all? Fuck man, I am literally at my wits end with this. I can eat without getting sick, I dont know the last time I had any quality sleep. Whats worse is canada goose jacket outlet sale I have found another girl who really likes me and we have been dating for the past month or so and now I have to tell her what is going on and hope to god she fucking stays. I have feelings for this girl canada goose outlet in new york super hard, and I am terrified its all about to go away, and I not sure if I can deal with it right now! Canada Goose online

canada goose I dont know why I wrote this, and I do aplogize for the long winded read. It has been cathartic typing this out, so to those of you who made it this far I appreciate you. For anyone who has any advice they could give, or encouraging words I would be very greatful. Some of what I say may sound like rambling and I apologize if it doesnt all make sense. They are not going to laugh. They may not take you super seriously but go anyway. On the other hand, you may be taken seriously and a canada goose outlet authentic report filled out (which is what you want). canada goose

canada goose clearance sale How sure are you that she really is pregnant? My Ex has played some games about being pregnant and your story sounds similar. I not saying she isn or that she doesn think she is, I just wonder if she has done a pregnancy test. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket I feel canada goose outlet miami for you. I recently went through a scare with my canada goose outlet germany Ex because she started lactating about 3 months after we last had sex. She was convinced she was pregnant because her IUD was out of place but canada goose outlet online reviews turns out she was not pregnant. I love to say don worry about it until you know for sure. She said she had sex with 3 guys that week. Presumably she didn use condoms with any of them. She may want you to be the father and is making you wait for a paternity test to manipulate you or use you. Get yourself a lawyer and go to the police. You want a record of what happened if you are the father before custody is determined. It would be terrible for you canada goose outlet toronto factory to pay child support to a rapist (which happens) and barely ever see your child. If there is a police report it may help you get more custody or at least have more options. Get a competent lawyer first, they can advise you canada goose outlet store calgary on reporting it to police. They will know how to best proceed from here. Very important. Save the hostile texts and anything else you have to document the situation buy canada goose jacket.