Here it was revealed that the visit to Pompallier House was

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swimwear sale The next day the girls were taken to the Pompallier house where Colin gave the girls a comical history lesson, and he tricked a couple of the girls into smelling urine. Here it was revealed that the visit to Pompallier House was not just fun and games, but an attempt to cut the number of girls down to 20 contestants. The remaining girls posed in a meadow, dressed in an early settler costume for their first real photoshoot with photographer Russ Flatt to determine the final 13 girls. swimwear sale

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Bathing Suits The game also features flashback scenes from MGS3, particularly the final battle between Snake and The Boss, plus the audiotape that EVA (Suzetta Miet/Misa Watanabe) left behind after Operation Snake Eater. Through a set of audiotape briefing files unlocked upon completing the game, EVA also provides Snake with new information about The Boss’ activities during a period where Snake was unable to keep in touch with her. Lori Alan and Kikuko Inoue also reprise their voice roles as The Boss in the flashbacks and as the voice of the Mammal Pod AI construct modeled after The Boss. Bathing Suits

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