Falling for a delusion is a weird thing to experience

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Yeah, same feeling from the book. Reading about all the mundane stuff was great in a horrible way, but canada goose outlet in montreal after so many pages of describing death by frostbite and scurvey, the monster just felt. cute. Like, I wanted it canada goose outlet las vegas to kill all my favorite characters, because then they wouldn be suffering anymore from their shitty goddamn lives.

canada goose coats LSD isn chemically addictive, and I don think it even all that easy to get psychologically addicted to either. a trip is difficult, closer to going backpacking than to getting drunk. It isn canada goose outlet store new york something you do to avoid your problems, because it tends to magnify everything. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose The LD 50 has never been established, but has been estimated to be hundreds of times a regular dose. I don think there are any confirmed cases of a person dying of the toxicological effects of real canada goose outlet factory LSD (but fake stuff does get passed off as it, and once in a while some evil fuck distributes something dangerous.) cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance It isn completely toothless, mind. A bad trip is a pretty horrifying experience, and while it doesn do permanent damage. Falling for a delusion is a weird thing to experience, and I don know what the boundaries are between doing something silly because it makes sense at the time, and doing something dangerous because it makes sense at the time. canada goose clearance

There no comparison to something like alcohol, though. Booze is so much more dangerous than most of the illegal shit.

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canada goose black friday sale Sounds to me like a machine uprising rebellion, without the machines. So the code should be there already. Just different triggers and different empire to spawn. Easy enough to implement. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket However, a partial faction rework would be needed to make them more dangerous, canada goose outlet mall with random faction events (demanding a war or policy changes, conflicts between factions) and interactions (like the estates in eu4) where you can ask them for buffs or ressources in exchange for happiness and influence. The actual rebellion size (how many planets and fleet) could then be tied to the faction influence. canadian goose jacket

Influential factions would then be a major boon canada goose stockists uk if canada goose discount uk you manage to keep them happy but very dangerous if not.

Actually I kind of expectet this to happen with Utopia. Since Eu4 has already a fun and tested framework for it. Always though about modding it in but never finding the time.

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Canada Goose Jackets Sounds to me like a machine uprising rebellion, without the machines. So the code should be there already. Just different triggers and different empire to spawn. Easy enough to implement. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose online Very close, the big difference is the idea that the two resulting empires may not be in a life or death struggle, and could re unify under one government or the other. If you played Empire Total War, I sort of looking at that canada goose jacket outlet store for inspiration. Canada Goose online

The changes you describing to factions sound like more than I thinking of, but they also sound really good.

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I have not found that to be the case with canada goose jacket outlet uk corvette fleets. usually I find them taking losses (measured in minerals) pretty similar to battleship fleets.

Canada Goose sale How are your battleships set up if they taking canada goose outlet canada losses on par with corvettes? Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap The big thing is, I don think it canada goose outlet edmonton good «Player choice» to give a bunch of options that are basically interchangeable. My battleship fleet doesn really canada goose parka outlet uk handle differently than my swarm fleet did one might be a little faster, the other a little more durable, but given the difference is extreme as you can get in Stellaris, it pretty underwhelming. buy canada goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket A corvette fleet will always be able to outrun a battleship fleet as long as it doesn get stopped for some reason, that fleet is clearly better suited for police duties because it can stand up to regular fleet without massive losses. buy canada goose jacket

My problem is that if I use a line battleship or an artillery battleship, they both just disappear into the same blob and function about the canada goose outlet website legit same, +/ about 30%, if that. Same canada goose outlet black friday sale with a «Fast» battlesip vs a «strong» battleship and in that case the tradeoff is even more minor, because whatever weapons/main defenses I give, I can have canada goose outlet trillium parka black more than two utility slots. I can make it a bit faster or a bit tougher, but chances are I won even notice the difference in use unless I go looking.

canada goose clearance sale Also, sorry, but «That your conscious choice» sounds a little condescending, when you just said your border fleets have the same make up as your main fleets. canada goose outlet toronto factory To me that illustrates the problem: Fleets in stellaris are very homogenous. canada goose clearance sale

A fast battleship like I use primarily targets the hull, that what makes them a fast battleship vs the regular battleships that perform at a much higher level. I not willing to throw a fast fleet at an enemy fleet for example, it not capable of taking losses because it is geared towards killing starbases extremely quickly.

canada goose coats on sale More over a «war» fleet like my border, main fleets, patrol, and fast fleets are supposed to be able to fight in a full blown war in canada goose outlet new york some capacity. That means that they need to be filled with similar ship types because anything else would melt canada goose outlet sale in a war. The rapid response fleet is mostly used against http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com pirates or other threats that are not an enemy empire navy, the losses will be too high for them to do that and the same goes for scout fleets canada goose outlet that are not usable in wars due to be being filled in utlra cheap and low level weapons/armor. My fleets thus have clear purposes with border fleets buying time, fast fleets puncturing enemy territory and taking systems while avoiding enemy fleets, main fleets launching long campaigns and taking planets methodically, and patrol fleets guarding the canada goose outlet los angeles empire from attacks/invasions when the main fleets are on campaign. The police fleets stay at home at all times. That my choice because it the most efficient way to canada goose outlet online uk run my fleets, you don have to do nor am I forcing you to use anything beyond a specially tailored main fleet for all of your fleets. But to say you don have canada goose outlet in usa a choice in deciding to do that? You lying to yourself, just as you canada goose outlet official can decide canada goose outlet florida whether you use meta fleets or not you can your own decisions. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka Let me put it another way: right now, fleets only ever get one command, «Go there and kill the enemy», and canada goose outlet us there only meaningful stats are how fast they go there, and how much they can kill the enemy when they arrive. That only two dimensions of distinction, and the variance isn even that great canada goose outlet online store on either. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose Now, think about the distinctions fleets could have: Able or not able to travel FTL unsupported. Able or not able to bypass FTL inhibitors. Strike craft that are powerful but take time to deploy/dock, making the ship great at setting up in one system canada goose outlet paypal but vulnerable immediately upon emerging from hyperspace/slow to start moving after a fight. Able to repair/rearm in enemy territory, or enable canada goose outlet buffalo grouped ships to do the same. Particularly good at canada goose outlet parka planetary invasions. Invisible to FTL sensors past a limited range. Powerful for short bursts of combat, but with canada goose parka uk limited ammo that takes time to recharge. Vicious canada goose outlet germany attacks that don give the opportunity for emergency FTL canada goose.