Covered by the stunning snow capped peaks of Mount Pilatus and

I worked internal bank employee help desk (inbound) for 5 years. I used everything from Siebel, SM9 and even the mainframe ticketing system (can remember the name). I currently work in 2 different version of SM9 (Internal and client) and Siebel which is linked to internal SM9 for engineering and infra teams.One final question, would this list be for normal troubleshooting tickets? and there would be a different set of questions for line down/office down/ sev1/2 tickets?What I would do is a list of generic items you always want to know when someone affect you a ticket similar to what you are trying to implement, but I would also define which kinds of problems occur the most in your environment and dress a list of complementary information you have to know to handle each of these.

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