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Our playoff run has not yet caught the magic of our record setting regular season, so acing Sunday’s AFC and NFC Championship Games tops the to do list. We went 3 1 in last week’s Divisional Round games but a humbling 1 3 against the spread, with the Saints and Cowboys narrowly failing to cover for us. Our one real misfire (a bad one) was the ill fated dice roll on the Colts upsetting the Chiefs.

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cheap Canada Goose His second strongest support came from Vancouver suburbs, an area with a similar profile.There no doubt he drew on strong support from South Asian voters. In fact, many of the donations came from people with Punjabi and Sikh names according to a recent report in the Vancouver Sun.Canada data shows Singh collected $603,000 in the year of the NDP leadership convention. More than nine out of 10 of his donors in that year had South Asian names, specifically Punjabi and Sikh, the story said.In the past there have been ridings that would have seen parties seeking an Irish candidate or an Italian one. cheap Canada Goose

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buy canada goose jacket cheap In either case, the pool of ideas, talent, and experience among our decision makers shrinks.Over the long term, I am optimistic about making change. Three polls conducted over five years as part of our Benchmarks report revealed that 90 percent of Americans are comfortable with women leading across the ten sectors profiled, from business and politics to film and journalism. As a 2008 Pew Research Center study found, the public thinks that women even more than men have what it takes to be leaders in today’s world, scoring women higher than men in five of eight character traits they value highly in their leaders. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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As part of an investigation of aging problems at the country’s nuclear reactors, the AP uncovered evidence that despite government and industry programs to bring the causes of such leaks under control, breaches have become more frequent and widespread.There were 38 leaks from underground piping between 2000 and 2009, according to an industry document presented at a tritium conference. Nearly two thirds of the leaks were reported canada goose stockists uk over the latest five years.Here are some examples:At the three unit Browns Ferry complex in Alabama, a valve was mistakenly canada goose jobs uk left open in a storage tank during modifications over the years. When the tank was filled in April 2010 about 1,000 gallons of tritium laden water poured onto the ground at a concentration of 2 million picocuries per liter.