3 points submitted 8 months agoChess is a lot about memorizing

Pilott3 u

7 points submitted 6 months agoThe ideia in Requiem is to treat Stamina as an actual resource just like Magicka is for mages. Running, jumping, power attacking, canada goose outlet london uk holding the string off a bow, all these things requires your physical effort to be done and the mod goes with that. Also, if I not mistaken, the stamina system was much less forgiven in previous TES games canada goose jacket outlet uk than in Skyrim anyways.Heavy armor is a step beyond that because you need to be proficient in canada goose outlet canada it to even canada goose outlet 2015 attempt to use it without draining canada goose outlet michigan your stamina (investing perks). canada goose jacket outlet toronto Heavy armor comes with a great price canada goose outlet price slowing you, using more stamina but it also gives you the ultimate protection. Unlike in vanilla, heavy armor gives canada goose outlet toronto address way more resistance than light armor and based on the way Requiem complex combat system works, you will almost be immune to arrows which can pierce your armor.The stamina drain for nearly everything has made this game incredibly difficultIn the canada goose outlet legit beginning it takes some time to adapt to the changes but after some time of play you will canada goose outlet mississauga notice this isn as hindering as you are picturing, specially if you use light armor. When you level up you can increase your stamina and with it you also gain more benefits http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com like stamina regen, one handed/archery boosts, disease resistance etc. Additional perks in the respective armor trees make their use much more forgiving as well.Also Requiem is all about character development. You begin weak and can take most enemies head on but as you advance you are able to deal canada goose uk site with bigger threats and eventually nothing can stop you anymore, even the toughest of enemies. But it takes time for your character to grow, much like most traditional RPGs.I understand this as veterans are probably looking for challengesRequiem is not a mod about making the canada goose outlet nyc game more difficult, although it can in canada goose outlet reviews certain moments. It about roleplaying and improving Skyrim world to be more realistic and sometimes challenging. It draws inspiration from the traditional roleplaying games and builds on top of what Skyrim rich world already offer.I hope you consider using the mod again and it really worth to check out some of the changes it makes canada goose outlet store uk before canada goose uk playing. There is a buy canada goose uk player manual available that provides basic info about the changes, series of succinct videos canada goose outlet locations in toronto about it and plenty of resources here on the subreddit as well. 3 points submitted 8 months agoChess is a lot about memorizing patterns. To someone who doesn play it it might look like the players are creating plays canada goose discount uk on the fly but that not viable for lack of time.Instead, good players have a good repertoire, so good that they just see the pattern that will lead to something beneficial. It not only about patterns, but it really quintessential.The other reason for this is that it canada goose outlet parka would be canada goose outlet montreal unviable if someone where to individually «create» all the theory that already exists and canada goose jacket outlet store was constructed over years of study. The theory is there and exists, you just learn it and add a little of your own play style into it.So I would say neither function. It more about just actually learning and that something anyone canada goose outlet los angeles can be good at. Professional players vary a lot in personality. Even if Ti and Ni are usually associated with seeing patterns, I don think in the case of chess that its function related.Pilott3 1 point submitted 9 months agoThis subject has been a taboo since a long time ago, I think canada goose outlet mall healthy discussions about it are welcome instead of just «not talking about it». We reached a point in society when we are somewhat susceptible to a lot of mental issues like anxiety, depression etc.Now I don know how this campaign is operating but it an issue that could receive more awareness, specially since many of those people lacked a proper support network or just general knowledge about it. And I think if the subject is banalized or not is mainly because of the way canada goose outlet people treat the subject, not the campaign in itself.Pilott3 9 points submitted 9 months canada goose outlet store near me agoI always found interesting the idea that time is the rate/velocity official canada goose outlet that the space time expands, like if you travel at the speed of time, which would be the light speed, you would be stopped in the space time so time wouldn pass, because your relative velocity would be 0. Also, we would be constantly traveling through space time and 1 second in «time» (what we call time) would corresponde to a distance of 3×108 meters in space time.This is based on the notion that we know that time is not a constant but is relative and related to your speed somehow. I know it doesn make much sense, but it just so fun coming with these ideas and you could probably relate that to entropy as well. 9 points submitted 10 months agoFe builds Theory of Mind from the outside in, using other people reactions as a basis to understand others and itself. Fe types are attentive to people emotional state via visual cues (facial expressions and body language), shut off their emotions to make objective decisions, and adjust their behavior to social feedback (polite and diplomatic). Fe seems to rely primarily on the left posterior temporal lobe, and both anterior temporal lobes (but especially the left).Fi builds Theory of Mind from the inside out, using the Fi user own experiences as a basis to understand itself and others. Fi types are attentive to people emotional state via tone of voice, use their emotions as a core basis to make canada goose outlet hong kong decisions, and remain authentic to their personal values and beliefs (high integrity). Fi seems to rely primarily on the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, and both anterior temporal lobes (but especially the right).In contrast Ti uses the frontoparietal network, the same areas used to track a squirrel running up a tree, so it deals with discrete semantic concepts, sequential/branching logic, and precise calculation of trajectories, probabilities, and balancing canada goose jacket outlet sale of multiple variables. Ti also involves shutting canada goose outlet london off emotions to think more objectively.Te is more about project management, schedules, budgets, checklists, that sort of thing. Te instinctively breaks up tasks into a series of steps with time and cost estimates. Te uses the left motor cortex, left occipital lobe, and left anterior temporal canada goose factory outlet toronto location lobe. Te types also use the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, like Fi types, probably to decide which goals they want to go after, and which tasks to prioritize canada goose outlet online.

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